Drug Safety at Milla Pharmaceuticals

At Milla Pharmaceuticals, we acknowledge our responsibility to patients depending on our products to manage their health. We know that all medicines have potential side effects as well as benefits.

We routinely monitor the safety and quality of our products and reporting of potential adverse events by Health Care Professionals and patients is important for us to continuously evaluate the benefits and risks of our products and take both proactive and appropriate action to safeguard patient safety.

Get in touch with us or the FDA if you want to report Suspected Adverse Events

Please chose one of those ways to report an adverse event to us by:

1. Filling up the online form in this page
2. Sending an email to our Drug Safety team at pharmacovigilance@millapharma.com
3. Calling our Drug Safety Toll Free Phone: 1-888-300-3908

Or you can contact FDA directly

Report an Adverse Event

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